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Please Allow Me To Introduce You To DESA.


My name is Petar Bozinovski. I founded DESA because of the surge in community and charitable involvement from people working together to get through this global pandemic. 

I started my career in digital advertising and technology 23 years ago with The CEO Group (Kaplan/Washington Post), Rogers Media and eventually founded Crucial Interactive and Contobox in 2007. 

I founded DESA because I believe, companies can do better. 

The best place to start, is to provide clients with an opportunity to support the communities we work and live in. 

At DESA we take on your production pipeline, allowing your creative team to focus on what they are best at…being creative, so you can scale production while keeping overhead costs low. Best of all, the charitable donation we make on your behalf is tax deductible.  

DESA’s philosophy is those who give, shall receive. 

I’ve loved this industry since my first sales job. It’s the perfect mixture of art and commerce, full of creative and incredibly talented people, it’s helped provide me with new and exciting ways to connect. 

I want the work we do at DESA to be a celebration of the creativity that makes this industry possible. I also want it to acknowledge the times we live in and how we will move forward every day. Because we work best when we work together. 

Thank you,