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DESA Joins the CGLCC as a Proud Member!

DESA Creative Group is proud to announce we have become a proud member of the CGLCC.

More about the CGLCC below:

We often get the question: why do you exist? There are business chambers at the regional and national level, and corporations’ support for LGBT+ initiatives is on the rise.

It’s easy to give a by-the-numbers response. Canada is home to over 28,000 LGBT+-owned businesses. These businesses generate over $22 billion in economic activity and employ over 435,000 Canadians. In other words, LGBT+ business is big business.

However, LGBT+ entrepreneurs still face barriers. Nearly half have hidden who they were in business dealings to avoid losing opportunities, and more than a third have lost opportunities due to being LGBT+.

There is a growing number of organizations looking to change these stats – one connection at a time. A community of LGBT+ businesses, government liaisons and even diverse procurement practices are helping tip the scales. CGLCC is a coalition of all of these positive forces advocating for change to make a more inclusive Canadian economy possible.

We do this by bringing people together, and highlighting the right resources for LGBT+ entrepreneurs to be even more successful.

So, the answer is: we exist because LGBT+ entrepreneurs already have a huge impact on the Canadian economy, with barriers. Let’s see what kind of thriving and inclusive Canada is possible when we remove them.”

Petar Bozinovski on behalf of Desa Bozinovski