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DESA Selects ThriveYouth for our August Donation

DESA Selects ThriveYouth Development Canada (formerly DAREarts) for our August Donation!

More about ThriveYouth:


At Thrive Youth our mission is …

To create safe and supportive spaces where children and youth can explore creative expression, learn about themselves and the world around them, and develop the skills and confidence needed to create positive change in their lives and their communities.


At Thrive Youth, we envision …

A world where children and youth are confident, capable, and connected to reach their potential and thrive.


We offer children and youth a turning point; a critical moment of early intervention where we see the brilliant potential of each child and help them to see it for themselves. We empower young people to activate positive change in their lives and in their communities. Students return to classes more engaged, with stronger participation rates, ready to learn, challenge themselves, and take positive risks and are more likely to further their educational journey.

We would like to invite those who can to follow in our footsteps to make a difference and choose a charity each month to donate too, no donation is too little and every dollar counts! Or feel free to follow DESA’s lead and donate to the charity we choose monthly!

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Petar Bozinovski on behalf of Desa Bozinovski