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NABS signs on as DESA partner

The charity joins the list of beneficiaries of the creative group, which builds donations into purchases of media-optimized creative.

A new initiative between DESA Creative Group and the National Advertising Benevolent Society (NABS) is giving brands an opportunity to support local communities and “pay it forward” by investing purchases made by brands into charities.

“As an industry, I feel a lot of money has been spent entertaining and patting ourselves on the back. And I feel that we can do better,” says Petar Bozinovski, president of DESA.

The recently launched DESA offers creative optimized for several different media platforms, including display, social, native and connected TV. And Bozinovski explains that for the last three weeks, his agency has been offering cash savings to clients through volume discounts when they purchase at least creative service packages, with the discounted portion of the revenue is donated to a charity of the brands choice, from which the brand will receive a charity tax credit.

“The initiative allows the client to save money and create more efficiency with their creative services dollars. Long term, it also allows the client to put much needed money into non-profit organizations, or charities, when they need it, which is now,” says Bozinovski.

NABS is now one of the partners that the discount can be given to, joining a long list of non-profits that also includes SickKids, The 519, LGBT Youthline, Casey House and numerous food banks, hospitals and shelters.

NABS has always had a history of philanthropy and helping people, says Bozinovski, providing support systems for Canadian professionals in the communications and marketing industry who are facing personal, career and family challenges due to illness, injury, unemployment or financial difficulties.

Offering creative service that provides advertisers an opportunity to earn charity dollars from their creative investment and pay it forward is a first for the industry, says Bozinovski.

Bozinovski hopes that this new initiative will foster long term relationships between his agency and multi charities. At the moment there isn’t a media campaign behind this new drive but Bozinovski hopes this project will be long-lasting.

Source: Mediaincanada