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Home » News » DESA circles back to LGBT YouthLine! Happy Pride everyone!

DESA circles back to LGBT YouthLine! Happy Pride everyone!

In honour of Pride Month DESA circles back to LGBT Youthline. Happy Pride Everyone!

It is important to us to continue to support this great organization because, well, we are just not there yet.

More about the LGBT Youth Line:

“LGBT YouthLine is a *2SLGBTQ+ youth-led organization that affirms and supports the experiences of youth (29 and under) across Ontario. We do this by:

  • Providing anonymous peer support and referrals;
  • Training youth to provide support to other youth; and
  • Providing resources so youth can make informed decisions.


Youth of all sexual and gender identities are celebrated and supported.


In all aspects of our work and throughout the organization, as we pursue our mission, we live by the values listed below. Together, they provide a picture of who we are and how we want to be.

  1. Youth-Centred
  2. Confidentiality
  3. Anti-Oppression/Anti-Racism
  4. Accessibility
  5. Harm Reduction
  6. Sex Positive
  7. Indigenous Solidarity
  8. Growth and Learning
  9. Collaboration”

We would like to invite those who can to follow in our footsteps to make a difference and choose a charity each month to donate too, no donation is too little and every dollar counts! Or feel free to follow DESA’s lead and donate to the charity we choose monthly!

Petar Bozinovski on behalf of Desa Bozinovski