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In honour of David and Timothy Price DESA selects the Life is Priceless Foundation (LIPF) for our November Donation.

DESA is proud to support the Life is Priceless Foundation (LIPF) for November.

About The Life is Priceless Foundation:

“The LIPF was founded by Timothy Price in October of 2011 after his brother David completed suicide on October 15th, 2011. David was only 31 years of age when he took his life in his home in New York City. David was suffering from severe depression. While Timothy was an active participant in David’s therapy, he realized that David’s particular conditions were extremely difficult to treat clinically. After David’s suicide Timothy realized that more could be done and as a first step asked that donations be made, to what would become LIPF, at David’s funeral.

LIPF pays no salaries and is run by Timothy B. Price and Susan Rudolph. The LIPF is a 501c3 Not For Profit.

We believe that if we can even save one person’s life, then perhaps David’s sacrifice will provide some justification to his premature death.”

Their Mission:

“Supporting the Research and Treatment of Depression and Suicide Prevention.

To provide grants to the medical community for the research, diagnosis and treatment of people who suffer from severe depression.

To provide financial assistance to organizations and individuals who actively play a role in suicide prevention.

To help educate and provide guidance and coping skills to sufferers, families and friends, who are troubled by depression and suicidal thoughts.”

You can support The Life is Priceless Foundation by donating here.

We would like to invite those who can to follow in our footsteps to make a difference and choose a charity each month to donate too, no donation is too little and every dollar counts! Or feel free to follow DESA’s lead and donate to the charity we choose monthly!

Petar Bozinovski on behalf of Desa Bozinovski