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Home » News » DESA supports Toronto Cares’ Back-to-School Initiative!

DESA supports Toronto Cares’ Back-to-School Initiative!

DESA is proud to support Toronto Cares’ Back-to-School initiative in August!

More about Toronto Cares’ Back-to-School Initiative!

You can support the Toronto Cares’ Back-to-School by donating here.

Their Mission & Vision

”The focus of our initiative is to connect low-income families with disabilities (including cognitive, physical, learning disabilities & mental health challenges), with the resources and services that they require. We believe that mental and spiritual needs are as important as physical needs. We aim to set people up for long-term success, not just short-term solutions.”

We would like to invite those who can to follow in our footsteps to make a difference and choose a charity each month to donate too, no donation is too little and every dollar counts! Or feel free to follow DESA’s lead and donate to the charity we choose monthly!

Petar Bozinovski on behalf of Desa Bozinovski